Premium discounts with hands on training!

Premium Discount for boating certification Image

Dolphin Insurance is proud to offer substantial discounts to those that have obtained certification through Cooper Boating’s BOAT COACH hands on training programs. While classroom training is beneficial, there is no substitute for actual docking, anchoring and navigating aboard the size and type of boat that you want to be insured to operate. We have found Cooper’s program to operate to the highest standards in this region.

Underwriters recognize the enormous benefit of boaters who have obtained this training and the reduced risk to insurance companies as a result of the knowledge these boaters have gained.

These courses are a fantastic way to be introduced to boating or provide you the ability to safely operate the vessel you already own with hands on guidance from seasoned professionals.

New boat owners may find it difficult to obtain insurance without previous experience, however having taken hands on training through Cooper Boating, Underwriters experience requirements would be met and coverage easily obtained.

Seasoned boaters can sharpen their skills further by obtaining additional instruction and with each advanced designation attained there will be a further reduction in the premium as a result!

When applying for an insurance quote with our brokers, make sure you confirm your hands on designation for additional discounts.

Looking for more information on hands on yacht training - visit Cooper Boating for more details